The Binding Of Isaac Four Souls: Simplified Game Guide

The Binding Of Isaac Four Soulsmsimplified Game Guide

“The Binding of Isaac Four Souls” is a captivating multi-player card game that brings the quirky and darkly humorous world of the popular computer game to your tabletop. Designed for 2-4 players, it masterfully combines strategy, chance, and adventure, offering a unique experience with every play. The game revolves around characters from the Isaac universe, each equipped with special abilities and items, battling monsters and collecting loot to emerge victorious. Simple to learn but rich in strategy, it’s perfect for both casual and avid gamers. Its engaging gameplay and creative design make it a standout choice for game nights and a testament to the innovative mind of creator Edmund McMillen and Maestro Media.

Table of Contents

    Game Overview

    Isaac Holding A Meat Crying

    “The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls” is not just a card game; it’s an adventure into a world filled with challenges, surprises, and strategic decision-making. At its core, the game is about players taking on the roles of characters from the Isaac universe, each battling monsters, collecting powerful items and secure four souls to claim victory.

    4 Souls

    Players must navigate through strategic battles, negotiate trades, and sometimes outwit their peers to progress. With a dynamic mix of skillful planning and the element of chance dictating each turn, ‘Four Souls’ guarantees a fresh and exciting experience in every session, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate thoughtful gameplay and interactive dynamics.”

    To fully grasp and enjoy Isaac world, it’s crucial to understand the specific terminology used in the game. These terms not only define the mechanics but also enrich the gameplay experience, allowing players to strategize more effectively.

    Here’s a breakdown of key terms you’ll encounter in the game.

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    Players will come across various types of cards, each serving a unique purpose in the game. Let’s take a look at each one, how they work and their uses.

    Character Cards

    These are the heart of your game persona. Each character card represents a different character from the Isaac universe, complete with special abilities. Think of these cards as your identity in the game world.

    Who Am I Card

    Who are the different Playable Characters in The Binding Of Isaac?

    Starting Item

    Starting Item Card

    These cards are paired with the character the player chooses or is assigned at the beginning of the game. Each Starting Item Card typically represents an ability or advantage that is unique to that character, reflecting their special skills or traits.

    Starting Items for each Characters:

    Loot Cards

    Loot Cards At Hand

    These are your tools for strategic advantage. Loot cards are unique, they are the only cards drawn and kept in hand by players.

    Utilizing these cards can rapidly alter the game’s progression.

    Loot Cards Boi

    What are the different kinds of LOOT Cards?

    Treasure Cards

    Treasure Card Boi

    The game changers. Treasure cards are valuable items that players acquire in the game. These cards are immediately placed in front of the player, visible to all. They possess potent effects that significantly influence gameplay, often interacting with other players and monsters, thereby shaping the game’s dynamics.

    What are the 2 kinds of TREASURE Cards?

    Monster Cards

    The Monster deck is a central component of the game, offering a variety of challenges and rewards.

    Monster Card

    What’s are the different kinds of MONSTER Cards?

    The Bonus Souls

    The Bonus Souls Cards

    Once players are comfortable with the basic game mechanics, they can introduce an exciting element called Bonus Souls. They are special cards that can greatly influence the outcome of the game. Players can earn these cards by meeting specific conditions during gameplay.

    What are the different BONUS SOUL Cards?

    Room Cards

    Room cards adds another dimension to the game, providing various effects when they come into play. These cards are not part of the standard game setup but can be included for added complexity and variation.

    Room Card

    Room Cards

    Each card type brings its own flavor to the game, making every round a new adventure full of strategic decisions and unexpected turns.

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    Four Souls

    How do you gain Souls?

    Now that we’ve familiarize ourselves with the different card components and the main objective, “to be the first to gather 4 souls”, let’s set the stage ready.

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    1. Choose a Character

    Character Cards Binding Of Isaac

    Each player chooses a character card. Take a moment to get acquainted with your character’s special ability, as it will be a key asset in your quest for victory.

    2. Prepare the Decks

    Treasure Deck Loot Deck And Monster Deck

    Shuffle the Treasured deck, Loot deck, and Monster deck.

    To set up the TREASURE deck you would…

    To set up the LOOT deck you would…

    To set up the MONSTER deck you would…

    3. Add Optional Cards

    Room Cards And Coins

    If you decide to include the Room deck, shuffle it as well and put out 100 cents (place near the room deck)

    3 Random Soul Card

    If you decide to play with Bonus Souls, pick 3 random Soul cards and place on the table face up.

    Place card decks in the middle of the table.

    4. Distribute Starting Items

    Starting Item

    Each player gets a Character card and gets the corresponding Starting items.

    3 Loot Cards 3 Pennies

    Each players are given 3 loot cards and 3 pennies to start with.


    Ensure each player has a way to track their health and coins, whether through tokens, stones, or any form of counters.

    Your complete table set-up should be like the image below.

    5. Choose The First Player

    “Time to Choose who will be the first in turn.”

    Character Cain

    Normally “Cain” always go first turn.

    Or each players rolls the dice and who ever gets a higher score is the first in turn.

    With all these steps completed, you’re ready to Play.

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    A Turn is divided into 3 parts called Phases. These are the Starting Phase, the Action Phase, and the End Phase. They are an essential processes to understand and remember since you will be doing them repeatedly throughout the game.

    Start Phase

    At the beginning of every Turn(Start Phase) do as follow.

    Hand Draws 1 Loot Card From Loot Crd Deck

    Active player draws 1 loot card from the loot deck to add to their hand.

    Recharging An Item Or Card

    NOTE: Players ‘Recharge‘ any items they used in the previous turn by turning them upright.

    At Action Phase, Active player may do the following below:

    1. Play Loot Cards

    Loot Card

    Player gets to play Loot Cards until the end of his/her turn .

    How do you “Play Loot Cards?”

    2. Purchase Items

    Treasure Deck Set Up

    Buy items from the store with coins to gain abilities.

    How do you Purchase Items?